Amoena Balance Natura Volume Delta Breast Form | Ivory | #222

Amoena Balance Natura Volume Delta Breast Form | Ivory | #222

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The Amoena Balance Natura Volume in the improved Delta shape helps even you out if you’re naturally asymmetric. The breast form works great if you have had breast surgeries like lumpectomy or reconstruction. The Balance partial shapers can be tucked into an Amoena pocketed bra, or worn directly against the skin if you prefer. The Balance Natura partial has Comfort+, to make it more comfortable. Comfort+ absorbs, stores and releases body heat to help keep you feeling cooler. The Volume thickness will fill out your bra cup and give you the flawless silhouette you want.

Balance Natura Volume Delta – our partial shaper in a rounded triangle shape (2SN), redesigned to fit more closely to the body
The Volume thickness fills your bra cup to give you a flawless silhouette
Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology absorbs, stores and releases body heat to maintain an optimal temperature against your skin
Symmetrical, triangular shell for use following lumpectomy or breast reconstruction


For a fuller cup, the Balance Natura Volume in our improved Delta shape helps even you out if you're naturally asymmetric or have had breast surgeries like lumpectomy or reconstruction. Our Balance partial shapers can be tucked into an Amoena pocketed bra, or worn directly against the skin if you prefer. The Balance Natura partial has Comfort+, to make it more comfortable. Comfort+ absorbs, stores and releases body heat to help keep you feeling cooler. The Volume thickness will fill out your bra cup and give you the flawless silhouette you want.


3/4 - 9/10


PU-Film, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material


FAQs about Balance Partial Breast Prosthesis

Q: What kind of bra do you recommend for a Balance partial breast shaper fitting?
A: The measurement method works best if you’re wearing a wire-free bra that is not padded.

Q: Should Balance shapers be worn in the pocket of a mastectomy bra?
A: Actually, it is recommended to wear Balance directly on the skin and not in the pocket. If you perspire a lot or it is a hot climate outside you can try to put the partial in the pocket as well. We also offer Balance Contact if you prefer an adhesive breast shaper.

Q: Does the ‘CCD’ measuring method work for the Ellipse and Varia shapes as well?
A: This method is only verified for Thin Oval, Medium Delta and Volume Delta, because the Varia and Ellipse shapes are only made in one thickness.

Q: Can the Thin Oval be worn in different positions, too?
A: Absolutely, this kind of shaper can be turned as needed to create the best coverage and symmetry.

How to Measure?

How to Measure

Select the proper shape and size of the remaining breast. Consider the best style bra that fits your natural breast.

Take a soft tape measure and measure around the body where your bra band fits(with a bra on). Pull the tape snug but not tight.This will give you your band size. Make sure the tape is even all around your body.Next, measure from the center of the chest wall on top of existing breast to the center of the back. Double that measurement and that should give you an approximate measurement of how to figure the cup size. Uneven numbers-round off to next whole number. Subtract the band size from the measurement of the cup size . Each 1″ difference is a cup size. (band size 34″,cup measurement, 36″–should be 34 B)

Fitting A Prosthesis | Prosthesis Shapes:

Triangular shaped forms can be worn on either the left or the right side of the body. These are suitable for younger women with firmer pectoral muscles. These shapes are designed to suit most contemporary surgical techniques, where less breast tissue is removed.

Suitable for women whose surgeries remove some underarm or Clavicle tissue. The teardrop form has an extension which can be angled for best fit. Can be worn on the left or right side of the body.

Heart Shaped-Symmetrical
An extremely versatile shape which fills the bra cup without unnecessary bulk when no auxiliary tissue has been removed in surgery. Suitable for younger women with firmer pectoral muscles.

Asymmetrical shapes provide a range of cup projection and profile in the bra from shallow to full, depending on the extent of the surgery. Underarm extensions fill and blend where surgery has removed tissue.

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Medicare and Private Insurance

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Many insurance plans will cover one breast prosthesis (breast form) per year and two to four mastectomy bras per year, provided that you submit a prescription from your physician. As many post-surgical camisoles as are medically necessary.

We do not file insurance but provide a receipt that is accepted by most insurance companies. We are not a Medicare provider.

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How to Measure for Your Partial Breast Enhancer

Breast Shapers Fitting Guide

How to determine the right size, shape and thickness for your Amoena Balance Partial breast enhancer.

It’s rare that women’s breasts are an evenly matched pair. In some cases – particularly after breast surgery (Lumpectomy), but also naturally ( Poland Syndrome) – significant breast imbalance can alter your posture and make you feel unsure of yourself. That is where a partial breast shaper comes in.



How to Measure for Your Partial Breast Enhancer
First, consider which shape will work best for you. The Amoena Balance portfolio of breast shapers offers you four shapes to choose from:

• Delta – Now in our modern triangle shape (2SN), the Delta features a rounded triangle shape and a curved back to fit closely to the body
• Oval – Tapered at one end, and ideal to wear in a lower-cut bra
• Varia – Special narrow shaped breast enhancer that can be placed anywhere that needs filling in
• Ellipse – Well-suited for the lower part of the bra cup, Ellipse is a versatile new shape

A New Fitting Method for Thickness

We developed the fitting method below to help you find the best thickness for your breast shaper needs.

Finding the Cross-Cup Difference
The cross-cup is the measured width between the front centre of the bra (at your sternum) to the side seam. The method works best if you’re wearing a soft cup (wire-free) bra.

For a more precise measurement, measure in centimetres:

1. Measure the cross-cup on your non-surgery side

2. Measure the cross-cup on your surgery side

3. Subtract the width of step 2 from the width of step 1

4. The total is the Cross-Cup Difference (CCD)
Now, to find the correct thickness, use your CCD:

CCD < 1 cm = Thin

CCD 1-2 cm = Medium

CCD >2 cm = Volume

How to Wear a Breast Form?

Most women wear their breast forms every day, for all occasions. 

To securely hold a breast form or partial shaper, Amoena designs beautiful bras with integral pockets. These pocketed bras boost your confidence and body image, and ensure the breast form doesn’t slip out or slide around. (A self-adhesive breast form like Amoena Contact is another option, but we do recommend wearing it with a bra.) 

While you can wear non-pocketed “regular” bras, they may not be as secure for you as one with a pocket in the cup.

Because staying fit is so important, particularly after breast surgery, pocketed swimwear and active wear, including sports bras, are also available. 

Leisure and Home wear lets you relax in comfort because the bras are built right in. In all of these lingerie and clothing options, pockets securely hold the breast forms in place and let you move freely.

Wearing the right breast form can make a big difference in how you feel every day.


Breast Prosthesis Fitting Process

We understand that with such a wide range to choose from, selecting a breast form can be a bit overwhelming! To make it easier, we code our products with a number and letter system. 

You or your fitter should begin with these three steps to get started:

Step 1: Cup fullness

Select the cup fullness you need. Is your remaining breast (1) shallow, (2) average or (3) full?

Cup fullness in breast forms


Step 2: Shape 

Consider the shape: (S) symmetrical, (A) asymmetrical or (E) extra. 

Generally, a symmetrical shape is best after a standard mastectomy and an asymmetrical breast form is best if you have had lymph nodes or tissue removed from under your arm. 

 Breast form shapes

Step 3: Size

Your fitter will properly measure your bra size to determine your breast form size. All Amoena breast forms are available in a wide size range. 

We recommend that you wait at least six weeks after your breast surgery, to ensure that incisions have healed. 


Breast Form Conversion Chart

To determine the size of the breast form required, find your bra size on the conversion chart.

Example: 34B will require a size 4 breast form. 
Breast Form Conversion Chart


Putting it all together 
Now you have all the information you need to order the correct breast form. In the example opposite we have chosen a Contact breast form in a shallow cup and symmetrical fitting, bra size 34B which converts to a size 5. 

How to select a breast form

If you’re still not sure what to order, don’t worry – just contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you.