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Nearlyou Mastectomy Bras, Breast Forms & Post-Surgical Garments

Our mission at Nearlyou is to help all women look and feel their very best

Post Surgical

  • You have the option to wear a bra or camisole right after a mastectomy surgery (with or without reconstruction). Not every person will find this
  • You can wear a bra without an underwire right after surgery, as long as there is no pressure on drain the site.
  • Use bras that you can put on without having to raise your arms such as the one you pull on over your hips or bras with a clasp in the front or back.
  • Stores that make bras and other clothing to wear after breast surgery sometimes call these types of bras “post-surgical garments” or “post-surgical bra”.
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Early Recovery

  • Don’t wear an underwired bra while the area is recovering from surgery because the underwires can be uncomfortable. However, underwire bras can be worn when the area has healed.
  • Initially, after breast surgery, you may have some swelling. Try to find a bra that is a chest size bigger. For example, if you are a 34B, choose a 36B.
  • If possible, choose bras that have high cotton content. These will be gentler on your skin while it heals and will help you stay cooler if you’re experiencing hot flushes.
  • Bra strap cushions can make the straps more comfortable on your shoulder and help the bra stay in place. You can buy these from lingerie shops or online.
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Immediately after your surgery, you will be most comfortable wearing a soft cotton camisole.

There are special camisoles that include a removable pocket for any surgical drains. They also have built-in bras (like those in some bathing suits) that can hold a cotton puff.

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6-8 Weeks After Surgery

  • You may return to exercise two weeks after surgery, but avoid chest and abdomen-specific exercises or running or jumping until 6 weeks.
  • After 6 weeks, you can return to normal activity and exercise
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