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In addition to providing you with wonderful products and great customer service, we would consider it an honor to support you in prayer as well. If you would like to be included in our prayer circle, please let us know by submitting your request via our Prayer Blog. You may remain anonymous if you choose, and you are welcome to request general prayer or submit a more specific need. You can submit a request at this link Prayer Request Form We invite our customers to join us in prayer for the needs posted here.  cite2


Please pray for Nancy. She is having ongoing pain with her treatments

Nancy in Maryland

Please pray for Gail.

Please pray for Gail.She is scheduled for surgery on 8/27/21. Please ask God to be with her surgeons to use their skills to remove all signs of cancer in her. Please give Gail peace as she goes through this process.



Please pray for Colleen who will be undergoing a mastectomy on Wed. Please pray for the surgeon and Colleen . Please help her to mend fast and well.

linda jennings

Torn between having resconstruction after masectomy, or not…

I am unable to decide if I want to have reconstruction after a double mastectomy, or not. I need to decide ASAP.

Please post your comments on reconstruction or not. Linda

Vickie Pitts

I’m going to my appointment

I’m going to my appointment with oncologist and surgeon next Tuesday. I need prayers.

Ana Ramos


Please pray for Barbara in Wisconsin who is facing surgery very soon. Please pray that everything goes well and that her journey will be a short and successful one.



Please pray for Janet that she may come to terms with having a breast removed.
She says “I realize its necessary or die with cancer. I’m finding it hard to come to terms with it.”

If you have any encouraging words, please post them on the prayer blog.