How to Measure for Your Partial Breast Enhancer

Breast Shapers Fitting Guide

How to determine the right size, shape and thickness for your Amoena Balance Partial breast enhancer.

It’s rare that women’s breasts are an evenly matched pair. In some cases – particularly after breast surgery (Lumpectomy), but also naturally ( Poland Syndrome) – significant breast imbalance can alter your posture and make you feel unsure of yourself. That is where a partial breast shaper comes in.



How to Measure for Your Partial Breast Enhancer
First, consider which shape will work best for you. The Amoena Balance portfolio of breast shapers offers you four shapes to choose from:

• Delta – Now in our modern triangle shape (2SN), the Delta features a rounded triangle shape and a curved back to fit closely to the body
• Oval – Tapered at one end, and ideal to wear in a lower-cut bra
• Varia – Special narrow shaped breast enhancer that can be placed anywhere that needs filling in
• Ellipse – Well-suited for the lower part of the bra cup, Ellipse is a versatile new shape

A New Fitting Method for Thickness

We developed the fitting method below to help you find the best thickness for your breast shaper needs.

Finding the Cross-Cup Difference
The cross-cup is the measured width between the front centre of the bra (at your sternum) to the side seam. The method works best if you’re wearing a soft cup (wire-free) bra.

For a more precise measurement, measure in centimetres:

1. Measure the cross-cup on your non-surgery side

2. Measure the cross-cup on your surgery side

3. Subtract the width of step 2 from the width of step 1

4. The total is the Cross-Cup Difference (CCD)
Now, to find the correct thickness, use your CCD:

CCD < 1 cm = Thin

CCD 1-2 cm = Medium

CCD >2 cm = Volume